Turning parts from O.D. 0.3mm to 120mm, precision ±0.005 mm for Automotive, Pneumatic & Hydraulic, Automation, Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Red Dot Sight, Fastener and RF & R connectors. We are willing to take on any challenges to out-perform our excellence in turning technique.


Nan Dee Precision expertise in manufacturing small high precision turned parts. Our factory is mainly equipped with Japanese 4 axis Swiss type CNC machines and Japanese 4 axis auto feed CNC machines.


The Japanese-made machines are implemented for their well-known quality assurance and maintenance efficiency.

Few Taiwanese-made machines are used for technically simpler components which allows us to raise competitiveness.


All infrastructures are highly maintained and are renewed when necessary. Currently there are 110 CNC machines equipped in the company.



Pre/Post-production infrastructures:

  • Heat Treatment (for hardness)
  • Vibration grinding (for deburring and polishing)
  • Magnetic Pin grinding (deburring and polishing)
  • Sand blasting (surface treatment)
  • Ultrasonic cleaner (for oil / grease removal)